Our projects

  • Our principal decided to utilize our school farm to benefit the school’s nutritional needs. We embraced the idea and decided to use a portion of our school field to farm. So far we have grown different crops for our consumption. Some are indigenous such as, Pumpkins, Watermelon and Groundnuts. We also grow a West African Yam given to us by a friend of the school.
  • We had everyone in the school plant a tree, which they own and nurture as a part of growing the values of responsibility and care for the environment.
  • Butere High School received tablet computers. The launch was graced by various friends of our school both locally and nationally. Some of the neighboring schools were also present. On the day, we planted trees as a way of appreciating the environment. Various presentations marked the day. We plan to have the school’s value based curriculum digitized and installed in the tablets. Our school is now the first one to have tablets in the whole of Butere. Now, students will use the tablets not only for studying but also to spread the value system online. The tablets are a long term project for the school. The challenge we are now facing is digitizing the value system.