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Our history

A prominent Kakamega businessman known as Mahida founded Butere High School in 1972. The school ran as any other school, traditionally with school prefects and a set of rules and regulations. In 2011, Mrs. Were took over the management of the school and begun installing some far-reaching changes. She introduced the new system of values and the grades began to improve steadily.

In the 2014 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education results, the grades hit 7.4, the highest ever.

The school has one stream per class. Form One is known as The Daniels, Form Two The Jeremiahs, Form Three The Solomons and Form Four The Josephs. Each class has committed to growing a specific value. Form Ones grow the value of Honesty, form Twos grow Responsibility, form Threes grow Reconciliation and form Fours grow the value of Sharing.

In June 2015, we officially announced change in the school name to Glory Value School.